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Your wedding day may be something you've dreamed about for many years.  It may be coming together slowly, starting the day after your engagement.  In either case, your wedding day is the beginning of your fairytale life together, and we consider it a blessing to be a part of it.  It's a magical time, filled with love, friends, family and dreams of the future.  We are honored to share it with you, and bring your wedding day dreams to life!

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Floral Design

Flowers, by themselves are beautiful, and they can set a tone to any room, terrace or landscape.  At Bella Bloom, we like to let the flowers speak for themselves.  We like the flowers to help define your style, your mood, your overall theme, and at the very least, create the mood to welcome everyone to your event.  Each bride has a different image in their mind for their wedding day, and we like to execute your vision so that your day is exactly what you've dreamed of!

 Event Coordination

When I started Coordinating events at The Pebble Beach Resorts, I fell in love with making people happy!  I found that the event success was in the details...the small and the large details; the things that no one sees but everyone notices.  I love putting events together and watching them flow smoothly, effortlessly, and with your every detail in mind.  Our Coordination packages have you, our brides and your families, in mind.  With that at the forefront, myself and my team of wedding professionals will be behind the scenes managing the details of your fabulous event!  


At the end of the day, we want you to have remembered the moments and the meaning of your wedding day.  We want you and your family to celebrate your wedding day with a full heart and complete peace of mind.  We are here to assist make your wedding day dreams come true!  As every wedding is unique, please contact us to discuss your wedding details and personalize a package for you.

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I'm a description

​​Bella Bloom


Your wedding day is the beginning of your "happily ever after" and we are committed to making it beautiful!

Wedding Floral Design

Event coordination
Event Packages

Our commitment

Signature style

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Defining your wedding with you!

With over 15 years design experience, we will work with you to create floral's that fit your theme, style and budget.

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